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Best 6 Business Casual Deductive ways to Wear Polo shirts

How do men’s Polo shirts look stylish

The hot sun is on, but the T-shirt is too casual, the long-sleeved shirt is afraid of heat and do not want to roll the cuffs, the short-sleeved shirt is not popular, even in the face of decision-making can make a decision in the face of the wardrobe is not you have trouble? Don’t worry, there’s also a single Polo shirt that’s a compromise between a T-shirt and a shirt. It’s easy to move between the office and the lounge, and it’s the perfect outfit for the transition of seasons


When it comes to Polo shirt, most people are resistant and stereotypical, thinking that Polo shirt is the synonym of rustic and middle-aged greasy uncle. After all, the image of Tong Dawei wearing Polo shirt collar in the hit drama struggle is deeply popular among people, and the fashion trend led by tong Dawei is still followed by some young people pretending to be cool man It is indeed business tycoons, township entrepreneurs and other middle-aged men from all walks of life like the single product even if there is a real royal lineage, it is still not foreign…

There’s nothing wrong with a Polo shirt. It’s called a Polo shirt, but it comes from tennis, not Polo. It was invented by Rene Lacoste, a French tennis champion with seven Grand Slam titles.

At the beginning of the 20th century, tennis was an upper-class sport, and players wore traditional white long-sleeved shirts or even ties to maintain their elegance, but the experience was predictable and almost anti-human

Rene made some modifications to his tennis suit to make it more comfortable and athletic, but he kept the shirt collar. It had a collar for a more formal look, and it could stand up in the sun to protect his neck from sunburn when he played.

▲René Lacoste

Interestingly, it was Ralph Lauren, whose Polo logo beat the Crocodile, who made good use of Ivy in the 1980s and 1990s The influence of League, selling elite culture to the middle class group, greatly satisfied the small vanity of upper-class Americans in pursuit of the American dream, and developed into the first choice of clothing for the rich to set off their noble lifestyle

Polo shirts originated from sportswear, but the style is based on shirts. They are more comfortable than shirts, but not too casual like collarless shirts.


In summer, if you don’t want to look too formal, try a simple and comfortable Polo shirt instead of a shirt to match the suit, and occasionally try a new look, casual yet elegant and dignified.


Is it also very painful for the man that faces confused and dazzled design to habit simply buy buy freely? But the pure color that wants concise and fit only actually is basic money, need not bother to catch up with tide also need not worry outdated, pass different collocation, can wear the fashionable Look that gives all sorts of different styles as well.

With all that said, how do you shake off the stereotype of a Polo shirt and wear it casual and stylish?


Here are 6 kinds of common colors of Polo shirts to wear individually/in sets, to see how various types of professionals match Polo shirts to interpret the business casual style, according to their own preferences, step by step, to be clean, not greasy, stylish and stylish.


/ / white color


White Polo shirt + dark blue pants/matching jacket

▌White Polo shirt + khaki pants/matching jacket

▌White Polo shirt + gray pants/same color jacket

▌白White Polo shirt + mixed match of different colors (different colors of coat and pants)


/ Grey /


▌ Matching colors all over the body: Light on top and dark on bottom

▌Whole body gray department collocation: inside shallow outside deep, outside deep inside shallow

▌Grey Polo shirt + coffee pants/set

▌Grey Polo shirt + same color set west

▌Grey Polo shirt + mixed match of different colors (coat and trousers of different colors)


/ Dark blue /


Dark blue Polo shirt + slacks/slacks

▌Dark blue Polo shirt + matching jacket

▌Dark blue Polo shirt + different color mix and match (coat and trousers in different colors)



▌Black Polo shirt + slacks/trousers

▌Black Polo shirt and dark blue suit

▌Black Polo shirt + white pants


/ Coffee color /

▌Coffee color Polo shirt + slacks/trousers/jeans

▌Coffee color Polo shirt + same color set

▌Coffee color Polo shirt + different color mixed match (coat and trousers of different colors)

▌Coffee Polo shirt and flannel suit

▌Coffee color Polo shirt + jacket


/ Green/

▌Green Polo shirt + slacks/trousers

▌Green Polo shirt + same color jacket

▌Green Polo shirt + different color mixed match (coat and trousers of different colors)



/ Orange /

Above collocation gives you inspiration, might as well turn over chest, try collocation, perhaps can bump new feeling.


Additional you should have discovery, no matter how match, their common characteristic is fit. So how to choose a well-fitting Polo shirt?


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